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Top Quality Tibetan Yaks

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Welcome to The Yak Ranch! Specializing in top quality Tibetan yaks for breeding stock, meat products and fibre sales. The Yak Ranch was established in 2015 at Caroline, Alberta and has since relocated in September 2021 to Wildwood, Alberta. The Yak Ranch breeding program had been constructed off of 8 years of selective breeding and culling. Specializing in quiet easy to handle yaks, pets, exotic colouring, and hardy fast growth rate calves.  Colours consist of Goldens, whites, imperials, golden royals, natives and royals. Part of the mission of The Yak Ranch is to produce the best quality yak possible and utilize and honour every part of the animal. We take great pride in providing customers with delicious grass fed yak meat since 2015. Yak processing is done monthly or bi monthly so there is always a fresh supply of single cuts, ground meat and a huge variety of sausages and smokies available on farm year round. If you are looking for a bulk option we offer quarters, halves and wholes. We also carry beautiful yak/sheep blend clothing from Nepal, healing bowls, stone bracelets, and hemp bags. As part of our mission we carry a full natural skin care line made with our Grass-fed yak tallow! Tallow  products include; tallow balm, magnesium balm, diaper cream, sunscreen, soaps, sugar scrubs and foot scrubs! Raw yak fibre of various colors is also available frequently. Thank you for supporting The Yak Ranch and our growing yak industry! We are working on our online store please inquire directly to place an order or check out our products in the Wildwood Trading Post located in Wildwood, Alberta!

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The Story of The Yak Ranch

The Yak Ranch was established in 2015 owned and operated by myself Jennifer Rath. In 2015 I purchased my first group of 33 animals out of BC. In a effort to better the industry and temperament of yaks in Canada I decided to buy as many yaks as I could to start a foundation of yaks to build off of. 12 different groups of yaks were purchased over the years and culled through every year to produce the best and quietest animals. In 2019 I imported 24 yaks from the United States to add some genetic diversity back into Canadian yaks as the genetic pool in Canada was quite small. The mix of the two genetics has produced some incredible stock with great hardiness and growth rates! 
My breeding program revolves around high fibre producing animals with beautiful colors, growth rates, conformation and exceptional temperaments.  I am always striving to produce the healthiest most profitable, quality yak possible. If you are interested in starting your own top quality herd we have the yaks for you!  Weanling yak calves are mainly offered in the fall but there is generally a variety of yaks available throughout the year or I can connect you with another reputable breeder.  If you are interested in joining the fast growing yak industry shoot me a message! 

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Jennifer Rath

We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch, and we’ll reply promptly. Serious enquires please call. 

Box 39 Wildwood, AB T0E 2M0


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